[Original poster of 1972]

The Puerto Rican Woodstock:

The Mar y Sol Pop Festival was a festival which included rock, blues, folk, jazz and even a salsa group. It took place in Manatí, Puerto Rico on April 1–4, 1972. It was held on 420 acres (1.7 km2) of countryside adjacent to Los Tubos beach in Manatí on the north shore of the island. An estimated 35,000 people attended the festival.

Some of the musical highlights were: B.B. King, E.L.P., The Allman Brothers  Band, Alice Cooper, Faces, J. Geils Band and the historical performance of a yet unknown Billy Joel. Unfortunately  Black Sabbath, who were already at the hotel in Dorado, had to cancel their performance on the last day of the festival.

John Lennon wanted to come to the Mar Y Sol Festival but couldn’t so instead sent a recorded message for the attendees which you can listen to HERE.

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